I have been invited twice to give a lecture to about fifty young people at the NGO DBA, Défi Belgique Afrique. The purpose of this conference was to inform and exchange with young Belgians 15 to 18 years old about the realities and the specificity of the media of the South. More than 150 young people leave each year to Africa to approach the unknown and get to know each other better. For 30 years, DBA has been helping young people meet people in Benin, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal and India. To open ourselves to different realities, to share our points of view, to find that so many things bring us together and bind us despite the thousands of kilometers that separate us, to wonder about the functioning of the world and the why of so many inequalities, meet people who are moving for our planet and our future, become responsible citizens in our turn … It is all this and more that offers you the project « Do It With Africa / Asia ».

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