I am very honored to announce that I will assume the role of Team Leader of Journalists for Canal + and Afrik TV Paris as part of the Francophonie Games in Nice. We will produce more than 30 reports in addition to unpublished sequences for Canal + who will distribute them worldwide to subscribers of its various bouquets. Open to all 77 member and observer states and governments of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), the Jeux de la Francophonie reflect the solidarity and sharing exercised within the Francophone community with more than 3,000 expected sportsmen.

A sporting and cultural event without equal

The Games of La Francophonie represent above all a crossroads of exchanges between French-speaking countries and allow the rapprochement of states and governments sharing French. They are the concrete expression of solidarity and cooperation, the founding principles of La Francophonie. Thus, they take place alternately in a country of the South and North and offer the participants the opportunity to discover ways of life often far from their own culture, almost all the international competitions taking place in the rich countries.

A sustainable development project

A unique example of international solidarity, the Games of La Francophonie promote national unity by leaving a legacy to the youth of the organizing country. When organized in a developing country, they create the opportunity to:

  • better structure national federations with the support of international federations that integrate the organization of the Games into their development program;
  • achieve synergies in cultural networks;
  • develop equipment for the elite, but also for the greatest number;
  • to enable the country to acquire know-how that can be used for other national and international purposes;
  • to ensure that the population identifies with the event.
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