For the 48th time, Davos will have gathered thousands of participants from a certain network to discuss economic issues. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were the main leaders as usual. Nearly $ 110 billion was eventually abandoned this year for debt, mainly for African countries, although it must be justified that it is really debt. Several experts agree this year to say that education should be better supported as it is an important lever for development. For example, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his country’s contribution to the global partnership for education will increase by $ 180 million. Apart from politics, several other sectors are present, such as NGOs, academics, cultural figures and religious leaders. My view of this forum is not to question me about its importance but its usefulness in 2018. Is it still useful nowadays this forum that brings together only a few specific network elites? in any case, Donald Trump will have taken the opportunity to play the card of appeasement following his inappropriate and sufficiently unworthy remarks to the states of Africa and the Caribbean.

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