Kinoss dossou et Dijon Hounsou à Bruxelles

Kinoss Dossou et Dijon Hounsou au Brussels 44 Center lors de la cérémonie de lancement du FAV 2016

I had the pleasure of welcoming Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou from Los Angeles to Zaventem International Airport on the occasion of my invitation to present the excerpt of his documentary « In search of voodoo ». , roots to heaven « as part of the first edition of the FAV in Brussels. The European and Afro-descendant public was entitled to an exclusive fifteen minute extract followed by a very rich exchange with Beninese celebrity. Participants from the Caribbean, Haiti, Benin, Central Africa, the United States, Japan and neighboring European countries had the pleasure of discovering the priceless riches of a culture transported for nearly 400 years from Africa to other continents.

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